More Cushion Work

Here I am sizing the pieces of fabric that will become my side panels. With seam allowances they should be about 6 x 19 inches, though I left a few extra inches of length for wiggle room.
Since my pattern is kind of lopsided I fold it down the middle and use the side with the most pleasing curve. This way I get a nice symmetrical rounded shape at the top of my side panel.
Now its on to the zipper panel. I need a 7 x 39 inch strip of fabric. On the width this leaves two half inch seam allowances for the side seams and another two half inch seam allowances for the zipper. For the length I added a couple of inches for seam allowances on each side.
The fabric is folded over along the length to get it all on the cutting mat. The last cut opens the piece down the middle for the zipper opening.
Here I’ve laid out all the cut cushion pieces.
Next I get out my zipper roll. My Dad was an upholsterer and left me various odds and ends of upholstering supplies. I’ve had this for years and years and now I finally have the chance to use it. I would have preferred white, but since the zipper will not be noticeable at all, I can live with this beige color. I try to figure out how to get the zipper head on to the zipper teeth.
I cut a length of zipper to the length of my zipper panel.
Before going any further with the zipper, I put an overlock stitch on all the long edges. I’m not putting any on the ends because I will probably have to cut some of this length away, as I left them longer than necessary.

Actually, this is good time to put an overlock finish on all of the pieces.
Next I measure and press the half inch folds for the zipper.
I butt the folded edges together and run a seam across the top to hold the pieces together.
Then I center the zipper over the folded edges and attach it to the top. I’m careful to made sure that I’m seeing the underside of the zipper. The side with the zipper head should be facing down against the folded fabric.
Turning things around I make sure that the zipper looks centered on the folded edges.
I pin the edges of the fabric to the zipper making sure that each side lies flat over the center of the zipper. I start to sew leaving enough room along the side of the zipper so the zipper head can move freely up and down.
One side down, one more to go.
Et voila!
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