The Sofa is Done!

I finally had a chance to finish the last cushion. Earlier in the week I bought some twist pins so I could use them to secure the slipcover in place. It looks pretty good for my first attempt at slipcovering anything. Here I am feeling proud of myself.

I guess DH was glad to have it finished too. I went away for just a minute and when I came back my spot was taken.

Comments (3) to “The Sofa is Done!”

  1. Hi Lupe! Your slipcover looks wonderful! Shirley told me you started a sewing journal and I really wanted to see. Your projects are fantastic! Makes me wish I knew something about sewing. You go girl! :-)

    Hope you have fun at MR. Sorry I won’t be seeing you. Drive safely and take care!

  2. You’ve done a fantastic job. I am so impressed. If I did not have little ones, I might tackle a project like this. Wow.

  3. Hi!

    Better late than never! I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so
    pleased that people find my slipcovering adventure useful and inspiring. Hope you
    find time to try your own project soon!


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