Previous Slipcover Work - Part III

In May, a few weeks after my previous burst of work, I started on the final stage of the slipcover, putting the skirt on.

I ended up not using the pattern piece I made for this. I just cut long strips of material based on the dimensions of the skirt I wanted. I measured out the distance from the point on the sofa where the skirt attaches to it, to the floor. Then I measured the lengths for the front, back and side sections of the sofa.
I left material in the pieces for a good sized hem and seam allowance for the top and then calculated the extra length to include deep pleats. For the front and back sections I planned a center pleat as well as corner pleats.
Once this was done I pressed and pinned the hem up on all the sections and for the front and back pieces formed the center pleats, pressed them and stitched them in place across the top. I then started pinning the sections to the slipcover.
It was fairly easy task to end up with four sections with markings for the four corner pleats that would fit perfectly to the body of the slipcover. I removed the pins holding it to the main body carefully so as not to dislodge any of the pins marking the corner fold backs.

I took the whole skirt shebang back to the sewing room to put it all together. I attached the four pieces to each other at the corners with small seams that came down only an inch from the top of the skirt. With the pieces all attached to each other I could now mark and press the corner pleats in place. I left enough material in the fold back section of the pleats for 4 inch deep pleats, two inches on each side of the pleat. I then cut and attached a pleat facing to finish things off. With all the facings in place and all edges serged and hems marked I ironed everything to make sure that all the pleats lay flat. I attached the trim to the skirt top and then I was ready for the final step, attaching it to the slipcover. Things went off without a hitch. I pinned everthing together making sure the pleats were all at the right places and sewed it up!

Fortunately somewhere along the making and fitting of the slipcover I decided I wouldn’t need to leave a zipper or button opening. It needs a bit of strategy to get it on the sofa but it goes on fairly easily once the key areas are in place.

So now we’re at the spot I came in before, with only the cushions left to do. What a workout for my memory, I’m glad I took pictures along the way!

Comments (6) to “Previous Slipcover Work - Part III”

  1. Thank you for your great photos and instructions! I looked for “how to make a sofa cover” and came upon your blog. I’ll be following your suggestions in a few months when I start my own slipcover.

  2. I also just found your blog while looking for instructions on making a slip cover. Thanks for all the pictures and tips on techniques. I’m still not sure i can do it, but I’m going to try.

  3. I too am finding your blog as I’m trying to figure out how to make my slip cover :) I also have a sleeper that is in great condition but ugly. Thanks for all the detailing and pictures

  4. the pictures are helpful - however I am struggling to figure out how you made the pleats - they look great but it would be great if you could add a step by step guide to making them

  5. I am SO glad I found your site. I myself am soon making slipcovers for my couch and chair. Funny enough I have the exact same pattern as you. This will be very helpful when I get started on mine. :)

  6. looks good.

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