Work Wardrobe Update

I’ve been lazy about my work wardrobe and have taken the easy way out by wearing mostly jeans and polo shirts for the last couple of years. Since I work a lot in a clean room environment and have to wear a smock and hat when I’m in there, I can dress as casually as I like. After all, no one knows what’s under the smock. It’s funny, sometimes I’ve worked for months with people in our labs and still don’t recognize them if I run into them outside, without the hat and in their normal clothes.

But then every so often between test phases, we are back to working at our desks and a regular office environment. This last time for me I’ve begun to feel that the jeans should only be for actual work on the test floor. So what better excuse to revamp my wardrobe with some dressier blouses and pants!

I know I should sew everything myself, but realistically with my work schedule, that would take months. So I did the next best thing, I went shopping at Ross and picked up a bunch of blouses. I’m beginning to think that maybe I should have named this blog Mostly Alterations since I don’t know when I’ll have time to sew something from scratch. I am still hopeful that once I work my way through a lot of old stuff clogging up my sewing room I’ll be inspired to start sewing up the new stuff. Anyway, here are my Ross selections and my plans to make them fit better.

This blouse is made from a stretchy polyester and nylon blend. It’s a bit snug which is the main drawback of buying from Ross. Great prices notwithstanding, you’ll be lucky to find multiple sizes in any piece that catches your eye. Most likely what you see is what you get. This size was a medium and my best size would have probably been a large. Still I like the clean lines and unfussy look and which tempted me into buying it. The fact that it has some stretch also influenced me to give it a try.
The only thing I will probably do to this is remove the side sashes that wrap around to tie in the front. If I was a slender young thing I would probably leave them, but as it stands, I don’t need any more details to call attention to my midriff.
This simple blouse with a scooped neck and 3/4 length sleeves caught my eye with it’s pleasing blue colors and lightweight easy care fabric. This one is ready to wear! It’s a rare occasion when I don’t have to do alterations on store bought garments and I’m happy when they really are RTW.
This one is too small too, but I like it! I fell into the “it will fit in 5 lbs.” rationalization again. But it really has deep darts in the back which I will can let out. So hopefully it will be comfortable enough with the fix.
This and the next are my black striped finds. Fortunately they both fit well.
This one, I may shorten just a bit.
This grey T-shirt and next white one are the same brand and style, just different sizes. This is a medium and the white is a large.
As you can see, they grey is tighter, but the sleeve fit okay. This large sized one is probably the best size for me, but the sleeves and the hem are definitely too long. It’ll shorten them eventually.

So the bottom line is that I did score at least four dressier blouses. I’m not counting the T-shirts and the blouse that is too small at the moment. But I can throw out at least four of my old polo shirts in exchange.

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