New Year, New Projects

I’m still here, I’ve just been ignoring my sewing blog for a long time. But I’m back with some new projects to work on. Something else new for me is that I’m on the Nutrisystem diet. I started two weeks ago, just after the New Years day and it seems to be going very well. I’m down 5 pounds and my clothes are all fitting better already!

Just in time too because Hubby and I are going on cruise next month and I have to put together a nice cruise wardrobe. I’m thinking of pulling a lot of the clothes I have sitting in my sewing room and fixing it. A lot of this stuff is new, with tags on still. Some of them just need small alterations like lifting hems, shortening sleeves, etc, but most of them are stashed here because they are just a little too small. Now that the weight seems to be coming off, I’ll be able to claim them for use.

It’s a seven day cruise along the Mexican Riviera, so I think most of the clothes should be casual, cool things. There will be two dressy evenings so I have to think about that.

We signed up for this particular cruise because it features 3 color pencil workshops for the three days that the ship spends cruising between ports. One of the workshops is headed by Ann Kullberg. I am subscribed to Ann Kullberg’s online magazine called From My Prospective, and learned about the cruise there. I love Ann Kullberg’s colored pencil work and have been wanting to take one of her workshops for the longest time. We also wanted to take a vacation, so the cruise combined both purposes very nicely.


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