Cruise Prepping

I went to Ross to buy more capris and dresses to round out the cruise wardrobe. I bought 3 capris pants,a floral camp shirt, a blue polo shirt, a red cotton cardigan sweater, and a dress.

Back home I started trying on outfits. I planned 5 dinner outfits, 7 casual daytime ones and 2 dressy looks for the formal evenings. I decided which shoes I would wear and what sweaters to take. Once this was done I started deciding what needed to be altered. Two of the capris I bought plus one from my stash have to be altered. Also there are two long skirts that have been in my sewing room closet forever. Since they fit now they will be proper cruise wear, all I need to do is raise the hems. I had clothes lying everywhere, but it was organized chaos.

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I finished one pair of capris and the other two are almost done. Here I am modeling the altered pants before and after fixing the hem. I raised the hem about two inches. Looking at the picture now I realize the difference is hardly noticeable. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m too picky. I could have worn them just as they are and no one would have been the wiser. But even though it was a bit of work to cut the hem and reconstruct the vent opening on the side legs, I’m glad I did it. I like the way they look and feel now. I think they are a little better proportioned to my short self .

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I will have to finish all the rest of the alterations during the week. I still need to:

  • Finish the hems on the long skirts.
  • Make about 6 shoe bags
  • Shorten and hem my pink Happy Coloring T-shirt
  • Pack my art supplies.
  • Pack my makeup and jewelry
  • Yikes!

Working on the Pants Stash

Yesterday I worked on finishing the alterations on another pair of black pants from my stash. I have a pile of pants sitting in my sewing room. I seem to have a propensity for buying them, but unfortunately I don’t have the same propensity for fixing them. On these I took a little in at the back of the waistband and raised the hem to my length. Later in the evening I did the hand work on the hems and left them ready to wear to work this morning.

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Speaking of pants alterations.This alteration was easy compared to what I usually have to do. I almost always have to alter the crotch length on store bought pants. I usually remove the waistband and zipper. Once the zipper is removed I can cut down the front. Usually I take off about 1 to 2 inches right at the front crotch length and merge the cut back to the regular length in the back. Next I put the zipper back in and reattach the waistband. The pants always look kind of strange when I’m done with them, with the sloping front but that it the way I’m built and they always fit much better.

With my recent weight loss I have been encouraged to wade into the pants pile to see just what I have accumulated. I was amazed and chagrined to learn that I have about 25 pairs of pants, mostly black, and most with tags still attached. I blush to think of my inattention in mindlessly accumulating and then forgetting them over the years. Especially considering that my working wardrobe is sadly in need of basic black pants. My only excuse it that my dissatisfaction with my weight has kept me unenthusiastic about sewing for myself in general. Hopefully I will be able to maintain the weight loss which in turn will keep me motivated enough to slowly clear my sewing room of the stashed clothes.


I received the package of workshop materials from Ann Kullberg in the mail today. I will need to pack this along with the rest of the art materials I have collected to take on the cruise. They mailed out the workshop supplies to all the workshop attendees so that they (the workshop organizers) wouldn’t have to haul a humongous amount of supplies on to the ship themselves.

Included in this package were the two cruise related items I ordered from the Ann Kullberg website, a pink T-shirt and a tote bag, both emblazoned with lettering that commemorates the cruise. I’m thinking that the tote bag will be just the thing to carry my workshop supplies. They will be nice keepsakes of the trip.

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Still Losing and Capris

Saturday morning I weighed in at 151.4! I was very pleased to see this and I immediately went to my sewing room to try on different items hanging in the closet there to see if they fit. The most exciting change was to see that I finally fit into two pair of capri style pants that I bought about 5 or 6 summers ago. They are size tens and I think when I bought them they were small but not impossibly so. I probably thought as usual that I would eventually fit into them if I could only lose some pounds. Instead I gained much more and wearing them became just a wishful thought. Now incredibly they fit and the timing is perfect because they will be great cruise wear.

I have some slight alterations to make on them but it should not be a lot of work. I want to take a few inches off the length so they hit just below my knee, just as true capris should. Right now they fall just about mid calf length. I was reading about how capris were first designed and worn and got some good tips on what the proper length and fit should be.

Capri pants were introduced by Emilio Pucci di Barsento in 1949 in his boutique on the Isle of Capri, Italy and the world had to have them. The Isle of Capri was the playground of the rich and famous. Everyone that was anyone started wearing his Capri’s. Not only were Capri’s comfortable, but the worlds most stylish and sexy woman were wearing them. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and teen Idols Annette Funicello, and Sandra Dee all had publicity photos taken in Capri’s.

Capri’s were a slim line pant that ended just below the knee most had a small v at the hem so you could move easier