Cruise Prepping

I went to Ross to buy more capris and dresses to round out the cruise wardrobe. I bought 3 capris pants,a floral camp shirt, a blue polo shirt, a red cotton cardigan sweater, and a dress.

Back home I started trying on outfits. I planned 5 dinner outfits, 7 casual daytime ones and 2 dressy looks for the formal evenings. I decided which shoes I would wear and what sweaters to take. Once this was done I started deciding what needed to be altered. Two of the capris I bought plus one from my stash have to be altered. Also there are two long skirts that have been in my sewing room closet forever. Since they fit now they will be proper cruise wear, all I need to do is raise the hems. I had clothes lying everywhere, but it was organized chaos.

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I finished one pair of capris and the other two are almost done. Here I am modeling the altered pants before and after fixing the hem. I raised the hem about two inches. Looking at the picture now I realize the difference is hardly noticeable. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m too picky. I could have worn them just as they are and no one would have been the wiser. But even though it was a bit of work to cut the hem and reconstruct the vent opening on the side legs, I’m glad I did it. I like the way they look and feel now. I think they are a little better proportioned to my short self .

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I will have to finish all the rest of the alterations during the week. I still need to:

  • Finish the hems on the long skirts.
  • Make about 6 shoe bags
  • Shorten and hem my pink Happy Coloring T-shirt
  • Pack my art supplies.
  • Pack my makeup and jewelry
  • Yikes!

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  1. Fun fun site! Sounds as if you’ve got a lot to keep you working! ~Stacey

  2. Enjoyed your blog. I have not been to Big Bear in many years and it made me remember wonderful times in my youth.

  3. I can see the difference in the capri length - it makes your legs looks thinner when it hits at the right spot. I have made several pairs of capris from pants (as I am tall) and where the hem hits makes a huge difference. I hope you are keeping up the good work!

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