Vintage Books

I got one of my eBay purchases all the way from Australia today. It’s a vintage fair isle knitting pamphlet. The format is a little smaller than it seemed in the auction picture but I’m pleased with it. It has lots of pretty sweater designs. I would only make a few as illustrated, but I would like to try patterns and styles from a number of them.

In other things, I’ve been trying to get my sewing room in shape again to do some work in there. Yesterday I cleaned up a bit and today I cleaned and oiled my 20U33 Singer machine. It was way overdue for a good oiling. I know I have neglected it and I was sure some of the problems I was having with it lately were probably due to it needing maintenance. I unscrewed the top and face plate on the machine and oiled everything that moved. I saturated an oil pad that was bone dry with oil. I also removed the drive belt so that I could lift the machine up and oil the undercarriage mechanisms.

I think I did a good job. Once it was all back together I did some test sewing. It felt and sounded smooth and quiet, much better than before.

I also finally got rid of the ancient clamping light that I’ve had here for so long. It stopped working and I replaced it with this black adjustable clamp light that I used to have at work. It works great. So I’m all set to start working on my sewing projects again.

Memorial Day Weekend Knitting

This is what I have been knitting on again.

It’s one of my on-going projects. The Congenial Afghan is almost done, but it bored me a bit so I switched to the sweater. I’m working on the back piece right now. I’m using a fingering weight yarn in light blue that my MIL gave me years ago. I’m glad to finally be putting it to good use. This is an old pattern out of the 1955 McCall’s Treasury of Needlecraft book I bought on ebay last year. Like so many of the old patterns the sizing is geared toward very small sizes. I used the largest size available in the instructions. I’m hoping it will fit me. Here’s what I have so far.

(Click to enlarge)

I’ve been knitting on the Congenial Afghan again. I started this project over a year ago and then kind of lost interest. But now I’m very close to finishing. It’s the relaxing type of knitting project, very repetitive, so you can watch TV at the same time. It will be a nice afghan to add to our collection.

(Click to enlarge)

I bid and won one more ebay auction tonight. I had seen this item before and missed a chance to bid. It’s a vintage knitting book on fair isle sweaters. I saw it go up for auction again a few days ago and decided to try and win it. I put in a bid tonight and sometime during the night the I won it. For just $8.90 I get this fair isle knitting book, all the way from Australia.

That’s it for ebay. I won’t even go browsing there anymore. It’s addictive.

Knitting Books

I received some books I ordered from Amazon which included this one.

I have lots of knitting books and I know I will never knit most of the things from them, but I love looking at them.

Late this evening I was keeping tabs on an ebay auction that was offering a Vintage 1940s Knitting Pattern Book of JACK FROST Sweaters for sale. I have lately been perusing these auctions of vintage knitting patterns and have bought a couple. I was able to swoop in at the last minute and win this auction for $11.89, which included shipping and handling. This is the book I won.

It has dozens of patterns for beautiful sweaters, twin sets, cardigans and boleros. I especially like this set, which I truly intend to try to knit for myself.

Color Pencil Reference

I’ve been working on filling in my color pencil palette booklet which I got from colored pencil artist Linda Lucas Hardy during her workshop on the Mexican Riviera cruise. It is a very handy reference to have when working on any colored pencil drawing. It makes it easy to chose the right color for any of your needs. It lists all the colors that Prismacolor makes organized into major color groups. All I have to do it fill in the color boxes with the designated color and so have them on file, so to speak. It’s been a long job because there are about 180 colors to document.

(Click to enlarge)

The Gallbladder Weight Loss Plan

I have discovered a surefire way to lose the pounds. First go on the Nutrisystem Diet for a month, then go on a cruise where they try to feed you 24 hours a day. Get back home and have a gallbladder attack. Worked for me.

I had to have gallbladder surgery last week. The weight loss I had with the Nutrisystem plan combined with what I lost during the wretched week I was recovering from the surgery put me at 11 pounds lost. I’m at about 147 pounds, which is the less I have weighed for over 10 years.

I’ve had low level gallbladder problems for a few years. In fact knowing that a gallbladder attack could be lurking around the corner after any unwise meal choices made me very cautious. I slowly lost about 10 pounds pretty effortlessly on the “I’m Afraid to Eat” diet over those couple of years. I’ve heard that any sudden weight loss ( such as on the Nutrisystem diet) can actually aggravate the gallbladder quirkiness. And even though I didn’t gain any weight during the cruise, I certainly ate richer foods than I normally eat. I think this combination of events is what caused my gallbladder to completely freak out. Oh well, good riddance to the gall bladder. Back to the sewing!