The Gallbladder Weight Loss Plan

I have discovered a surefire way to lose the pounds. First go on the Nutrisystem Diet for a month, then go on a cruise where they try to feed you 24 hours a day. Get back home and have a gallbladder attack. Worked for me.

I had to have gallbladder surgery last week. The weight loss I had with the Nutrisystem plan combined with what I lost during the wretched week I was recovering from the surgery put me at 11 pounds lost. I’m at about 147 pounds, which is the less I have weighed for over 10 years.

I’ve had low level gallbladder problems for a few years. In fact knowing that a gallbladder attack could be lurking around the corner after any unwise meal choices made me very cautious. I slowly lost about 10 pounds pretty effortlessly on the “I’m Afraid to Eat” diet over those couple of years. I’ve heard that any sudden weight loss ( such as on the Nutrisystem diet) can actually aggravate the gallbladder quirkiness. And even though I didn’t gain any weight during the cruise, I certainly ate richer foods than I normally eat. I think this combination of events is what caused my gallbladder to completely freak out. Oh well, good riddance to the gall bladder. Back to the sewing!

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