Knitting Books

I received some books I ordered from Amazon which included this one.

I have lots of knitting books and I know I will never knit most of the things from them, but I love looking at them.

Late this evening I was keeping tabs on an ebay auction that was offering a Vintage 1940s Knitting Pattern Book of JACK FROST Sweaters for sale. I have lately been perusing these auctions of vintage knitting patterns and have bought a couple. I was able to swoop in at the last minute and win this auction for $11.89, which included shipping and handling. This is the book I won.

It has dozens of patterns for beautiful sweaters, twin sets, cardigans and boleros. I especially like this set, which I truly intend to try to knit for myself.

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  1. Hey what happened? I was clicking through all your fun blog posting and poof. Hope all is well with you. I am just learning to sew and found your couch recovering project very interesting ;-)

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