I’ve been knitting on the Congenial Afghan again. I started this project over a year ago and then kind of lost interest. But now I’m very close to finishing. It’s the relaxing type of knitting project, very repetitive, so you can watch TV at the same time. It will be a nice afghan to add to our collection.

(Click to enlarge)

I bid and won one more ebay auction tonight. I had seen this item before and missed a chance to bid. It’s a vintage knitting book on fair isle sweaters. I saw it go up for auction again a few days ago and decided to try and win it. I put in a bid tonight and sometime during the night the I won it. For just $8.90 I get this fair isle knitting book, all the way from Australia.

That’s it for ebay. I won’t even go browsing there anymore. It’s addictive.

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