Vintage Books

I got one of my eBay purchases all the way from Australia today. It’s a vintage fair isle knitting pamphlet. The format is a little smaller than it seemed in the auction picture but I’m pleased with it. It has lots of pretty sweater designs. I would only make a few as illustrated, but I would like to try patterns and styles from a number of them.

In other things, I’ve been trying to get my sewing room in shape again to do some work in there. Yesterday I cleaned up a bit and today I cleaned and oiled my 20U33 Singer machine. It was way overdue for a good oiling. I know I have neglected it and I was sure some of the problems I was having with it lately were probably due to it needing maintenance. I unscrewed the top and face plate on the machine and oiled everything that moved. I saturated an oil pad that was bone dry with oil. I also removed the drive belt so that I could lift the machine up and oil the undercarriage mechanisms.

I think I did a good job. Once it was all back together I did some test sewing. It felt and sounded smooth and quiet, much better than before.

I also finally got rid of the ancient clamping light that I’ve had here for so long. It stopped working and I replaced it with this black adjustable clamp light that I used to have at work. It works great. So I’m all set to start working on my sewing projects again.

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