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I am done with the Congenial Afghan. I have just a few more ends to weave in and then I’ll be finished. It turned out very nicely. This is the first time I used a double strand and such large needles. It certainly makes a difference in how fast it can knit up. Since the yarn is acrylic I really don’t even have to block it. As soon as it’s completely finished I will add it to our collection of afghans draped over the quilt rack in the living room for use on a chilly night.

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I’m still working on the back piece of this little number.


I will be working on this for a long while yet. The yarn is very fine and it takes a lot of knitting to progress a few inches. Still I look forward to working on it. Since the Congenial afghan is out of my hair I went looking to see which other of my ongoing projects I could resurrect and finish. I found this one.

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I started this top-down sweater sometime around February of last year. I remember I had a few problems trying to figure out how to increase stitches while doing a seed stitch pattern for the main body. When I couldn’t figure it out easily, I put it away. Now that I examine it , it doesn’t seem like such a hard problem. It took me a while to figure out where I was in the pattern ( I need to learn to keep notes when I knit), but I soon was knitting along happily on it.

I’ve already made a trial sweater out of this pattern a few years ago.


It was the first sweater I ever knit. I wear it in the house once in a while when it gets chilly. It was a good learning experience but the finished product is kind of ugly because I used some cheap rather unattractive yarn. I started my new version in some nicer yarn. I added the solid color detailing at the neck, which will be at the cuffs also. And I’m using a seed stitch instead of a plain stockinette stitch on the main body. I love the bright colors in this yarn. I’m sure I will like the new one much better.

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  1. Hi Lupe,

    I was glad to see your blog post on the Congenial afghan, because my grandma is in the middle of the exact same afghan, and she has lost her pattern. Do you happen to remember the pattern company or the name of the book where you got it from? If so, I would be so grateful if you could send it to me.



  2. Hi Meara!

    The Congenial pattern is in the Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans from Leisure Arts.
    You should have no trouble finding it. I got mine from

    Happy Knitting :-)

  3. I bought the McCall’s sofa slipcover pattern and was a little overwhelmed by it. I googled the pattern number hoping to find some more instruction and I couldn’t have had better luck!

    Your step-by-step explanation has been very helpful thus far.


  4. Hi Leni,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :-)

    It’s nice to know that even though I neglect my sewing blog so much these days, my old slipcover posts are still helpful to people!
    Good luck with your slipcover!

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