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The weather is getting warmer this week. I can tell when we get home after work because my first impulse is to open all the windows to get the air circulating in the hot house. Pretty soon we will start having to program the air conditioner to cool the house for us.

I got another book today! When I look back at my entries, it seems I get them very often. It’s true, but I don’t think I’m out of control, not yet at least. I love each and everyone of them. Well, maybe not the technical books, but all the others yes! Hopefully we won’t be driven out of house and home anytime soon by the ton of books both Marty and I keep accumulating. I think we still have plenty of room for them. If ever we run out of shelf space, we would just have to winnow out the old stuff to make room for the new. :-)

This is what I received.

It has some of the most gorgeous knitting designs I have ever seen. Maybe I just have a weakness for the exuberant use of color, but the knitted pieces in this book all seem amazingly beautiful to me.

Here are just some of the designs:

I want to make every single one of these. Of course first I have to learn how to do stranded knitting. I think my first project will have to be less challenging than any of these pieces, but that is where I am heading.

Talking about less challenging knitting projects, I started work on this little thing.

(Click to enlarge)

It is going to be a potholder. I made a few changes to a pattern in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter Almanac that I got last week and started it in some orange cotton yarn I had in my stash. I like the patterns for dishcloths and potholders that I’ve seen in different books, but have always thought that they weren’t really very practical. I never use dishcloths and the potholders seemed too insubstantial. This pattern on the other hand calls for a knitted trim around a double knitted center body. I thought it would make a very usable and practical potholder, aside from being pretty and cheerful in the orange color.

So far it looks good. The double thickness in the worsted weight cotton yarn seems like it will provide plenty of insulation for handling hot pots and the like. If this works out, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for quick and fun little projects.

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