I received my second shipment of Nancy Drew books yesterday. They are in very good shape. Now I just have to find a place to put them. Here I am with my whole collection.

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I won a couple of small ebay auctions yesterday too. They were for a cute little row counter and for 8 Trixie Belden books.

I’ll have to wait a while to get the books since the auction owner only accepts payment by check or money order. My check is now making it’s way to Connecticut. Once it gets there, I’ll still have to wait until it clears before my order is shipped. Oh well, I’m patient.

Lunchtime Errand

I made a quick lunchtime trip to a yarn store not too far from work. The store is called the Slipt Stitch and is located right in downtown El Segundo which is about a 5 minute drive from the office. I’ve been wanting to get some longer size 5 circular needles to have on hand for my work on the Leaf Lace Shawl that I started recently.

I have been curious about this store in general, since I’ve seen it referred to now and again as a nicely stocked yarn store.The Slipt Stitch is probably my best bet to find knitting supplies without having to travel very far. I bought two size 5 circular needles, one 32″ and one 42″ long. These should be more than enough to knit a large shawl comfortably. The Addi turbos are supposed to be the cadillac of lace knitting needles!

The store was very nice, full of books, yarn and all sorts of knitting supplies. It is a small shop, but still has room for a few tables and chairs in the front section. I’m sure that for local knitters this must be a fun place to come and knit and chat with the people who run the store.

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4th of July

We got our day off today and spent it all at home, except for going off for a walk in the early evening. It was a beautiful day, sunny and clear, but not too hot.

I did a little sewing. I worked on my latest pair of black pants which had to have the usual alteration of cutting down the crotch length. I removed the waistband and zipper the other day, but had been putting off sewing the zipper back in. I was stalling because it is an invisible zipper. The kind that looks great once it’s in but has to be put in with a special zipper foot and needs more wrangling overall to sew in.

Quite a few months ago I read somewhere that it was much easier to put on an invisible zipper if you had a proper heavy duty metal zipper foot and not one of the flimsy plastic jobs you can get at the neighborhood fabric stores. I took the advice and searched around for a nice metal invisible zipper foot that would fit my machine. It’s been waiting patiently for me to try it out. Well today I finally used it. I reviewed the process of putting in an invisible zipper and used my new zipper foot on my machine. It went on like a dream. No fuss or muss and the invisible zipper looks great, invisible. I feel empowered! Now I will be able to put invisible zippers in anywhere I want to. Yea!

Once I got through celebrating this small triumph, I left the pants and worked on the hem of this summer dress that I had ready to finish for some time. I used my old dependable dress form and hem marker which makes it a breeze to mark even hems, even on drapey material such as this one.

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I cut about three inches off the bottom. Now that it is cut I will use my cover stitch machine to put in a stretchy hem.

I didn’t do any reading today, but yesterday I did finish The Girl Sleuth book. It was an interesting read, especially now that I have so many of the Nancy Drew books again. It will be interesting to reread the Nancy Drew adventures knowing more about the authors that created her.

We grilled some steaks for dinner. I usually don’t eat red meat, but I figured it was a holiday and could afford to indulge. It was a great meal but heavy and we went for a walk a little later to burn off some of those calories. We strolled around the neighborhood just before sunset and realized that most people were beginning to set off their little firewords displays. We were glad to get back to the house as it was beginning to get noisy and we wanted to get the cats inside.

We managed to get everyone inside the house except Max, who hid from us as soon as the booms and shrieks really started. Sometime later he slunk in, looking frazzled, poor kitty!

Later in the evening still feeling full from the steak I had a nice walk on my treadmill. I managed to burn off 300 more calories, so I think that helped to offset my indulgence a little.

So much for our little midweek holiday. It was a quiet way to spend the 4th, but just our speed. I remember when I was a little girl, my family would walk to the Coliseum in Exposition Park, which was just a few blocks away from our house, to see the fireworks display. We would sit on the grassy park outside the stadium and enjoy a spectacular performance. Maybe someday when we live far from this crowded city we will seek out fireworks displays to watch again.