Lunchtime Errand

I made a quick lunchtime trip to a yarn store not too far from work. The store is called the Slipt Stitch and is located right in downtown El Segundo which is about a 5 minute drive from the office. I’ve been wanting to get some longer size 5 circular needles to have on hand for my work on the Leaf Lace Shawl that I started recently.

I have been curious about this store in general, since I’ve seen it referred to now and again as a nicely stocked yarn store.The Slipt Stitch is probably my best bet to find knitting supplies without having to travel very far. I bought two size 5 circular needles, one 32″ and one 42″ long. These should be more than enough to knit a large shawl comfortably. The Addi turbos are supposed to be the cadillac of lace knitting needles!

The store was very nice, full of books, yarn and all sorts of knitting supplies. It is a small shop, but still has room for a few tables and chairs in the front section. I’m sure that for local knitters this must be a fun place to come and knit and chat with the people who run the store.

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