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I keep thinking that one of life’s greatest luxuries is time for yourself, free from the demands of the rat race. Funny how that doesn’t occur to you when you are younger. I am enjoying my break.

I’ve been doing my artwork, really in depth, not just the part of actually taking pencil or brush to paper, but the part of the creative process that involves spending long periods of time reading my art books, sketching, just daydreaming on possible compositions or planning my next project. With my favorite music playing on my stereophonic headphones or playing in the background on my little music system, I can just let my imagination fly.

Right now Yo-Yo Ma’s cello is playing a haunting passages from some movie score. It is beautiful.

I have finished the Daniel Colourfix drawing in time to send if off to Ann Kullberg to include in next month’s member show. It was a long journey with this piece, but I feel it was time well spent. I learned a lot about using this paper with colored pencils. It has great potential for portrait pieces. This is the finished version.

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I started a couple of other pieces. I decided to finally try an ampersand Pastelbord that I bought maybe years ago. I’m still looking for that perfect surface to give me the results I want. My initial reaction was that it I like it even better that the Colourfix paper. It has less texture making it a little easier to get the smooth blending of colors that I trying to achieve in a portrait. And it handles blending of colors wonderfully. I can get pretty close to my goal of catching the subtle shadows and contouring realistically on the faces I draw. I’m still learning about this surface but so far it seems like a winner to me. Here is a picture of this project in work. Ironically I’m having more trouble with the background than with the face. It all comes down to having good reference material for me. I have a good reference for his face, not so much for the trees and clouds.

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On this next piece I’m using the Colourfix paper again, except that the colored pencils are Polychromos. The difference from the Prismacolor pencils are that the Polychromos are oil based while the Primacolor are wax based. I saw them at the Art Supply Warehouse when I went out there a few days ago. I had heard of the Polychromos and how beautifully the colors could blend. I seemed logical to me since they are oil based. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give them a try. Maybe they would be like working oil paints but with the control that a pencil can give you. I bought a 36 pencil set and bought a few more pastelbords too.

I started this portrait with high hopes. The pencils are definitely softer and blend easier that the Primacolors. I feel that they are better suited for the Colourfix paper than the Prismacolor. They are very nice and I feel I can get some great results. They are not as wonderful as I anticipated but definitely give me more options for working the Colourfix. I started the portrait and then realized that my color palette was too limited with the 36 pencils. I reluctantly put it on hold while I order more portrait colors from DickBlick art supply. This Colourfix paper has a warmer tone which I think will make it easier to get normal looking flesh tones.

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To see work-in-progress commentary and pictures of some of these portraits go to my live journal page at:

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  1. Loved the Moonridge report. I so sad I couldn’t make it this year but next year for sure.
    Just have to say your art work in breath taking… I cannot wait to see the one I won from the auction of Jim. Haven’t seen Rae yet.
    Take care

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