Yay! Time for Sewing Again - Robe Project

I find myself with more free time lately and so I have been slowly getting back into the sewing room. One of the first things I wanted to finish for myself was a robe made from this pattern.


I’ve had this pattern forever and over the years have made it for different family members. A few years ago I decided it would be nice to make a robe for myself, so I bought a lovely blue cloud patterned fleece. Well it had been sitting in my sewing room since then.

Early this year I made the resolution that I would finish it before another winter passed and I actually did finish it about a month ago, just in time for the cool weather.

Here are a few progress shots. The pattern is pretty easy to make. The shawl collar saves you a bit of sewing and it’s easy to trim with piping and to sew the facings on. Here I am putting the top stitching on the shoulder seams after attaching the back of the collar to the back neck.

No facings on the collar yet. I just wanted to see if I needed to trim back the shoulder pieces a bit. The shoulder should drop quite a bit on the robe for a loose comfortable fit, so I left it as it was.

Next step was to put the piping on the collar.

Here the piping and the facings are on the collar and it’s looking good.

After serging the front raw edges of the facing I attach the facing along the back neck and shoulder of the collar by hand.

Next I attach the sleeves. I like to press as I go, it helps you to judge if things are shaping up correctly.

The sleeves are on. At this point all I have left to do is attach the cuffs with another bit of detail piping, make the tie belt and loops and then mark and hem the robe.

Voila, a nice warm cuddly robe!

It’s good to be back!

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  1. Hi, I recently found your blog. Thank you for posting your experience making a slipcover for your couch. Looking back, do you think it was necessary to make pattern pieces out of cotton instead of cutting the upholstery fabric first?

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Yes I do think it’s a good idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice making slip covers, like me :-)

    Most important, if you use another inexpensive fabric to make your pattern first you get to make all your mistakes and miscalculations a lot more cheaply.

    You can experiment more freely with tucks, pleats or seams on your pattern to get the best fit on the sofa and not worry about damaging your final fabric.

    Another nice thing about having separate pattern pieces is that when you cut out the pieces from your final fabric, you can position them to get the best use of your yardage. If your fabric has stripes or large motifs it’s much easier to decide on placement at this point with all the pattern pieces available for experimenting.

    Hope that helps. Good luck with your project!

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