A Christmas Apron - Part 2

Continuing from my previous post, the next thing I worked on was the apron bib.


I decided to line the bib with the striped fabric, the same one I was using for the elastic casing at the top. Now that I think about it, I believe I also made the casing strip slightly wider than the pattern. My main guide in deciding how wide, was the width of the elastic I had on hand. I used a one inch wide, 10 inch long strip of non-roll elastic. This elastic is thicker than other types but I figured it would help to keep the elastic from folding in on itself.

I pressed the casing in half lengthwise and the pressed the folded edges to slightly larger than my one inch elastic. I placed the casing around the top edge of the bib and pinned it in place making sure the pins caught both side of my casing. Then I stitched along the very edge of the casing to secure it to the bib.

I inserted the elastic, pressed the folded and turned under edges of the neck ties and attached them to the bib.

Next it was on to the midriff pieces. I didn’t take photos at each step, but the sequence was as follows.


I gathered the bib bottom and sewed it to front midriff piece, then I gathered the skirt top and sewed that to the front midriff also. Next I sewed the inside midriff piece to the bib.

At this point I sewed the waist ties up, pressed them and sewed them to the midriff sides. With the midriff backing piece still loose I remembered to sew on my “Handmade by” tag on the inside.

Now all that was left was to fold and press the seam edges closed. I turned the a few inches of the bottom unsewn edge of the midriff inside out and sewed them together. I pulled everthing back right side out and put a closing top stitching all around the midriff piece


Here’s a look at the inside of the finished apron.


And me modeling it.


I didn’t mention it before, but I made the large size, which isn’t really that large. I like very much how it turned out. There are a few more things I would do differently next time, but I will definitely make this Pretty Ditty apron again.

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  1. I’m glad you are back. I appreciate the step by step instructions you give of your projects.
    The colours of your apron look very nice,and it apron fits you perfectly. Without clothes underneath, the apron looks like a summer dress.

    I hope you start posting again.
    Happy New year!

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