Moonridge 2009

On June 20th we found ourselves heading back to Moonridge at Big Bear Lake once more. It’s been three years since our last visit. It would have been nice to see the Moonridge Animal Park finally situated in it’s new location, but that has not happened. From what I hear relocation plans have been moving slowly and lately have stalled even more. The National Forest Service required an environmental impact study before approving the relocation of the zoo onto forest service land. Having received the study a few months ago, it is now requesting a new study. So little Moonridge Animal Park remains on Goldmine Drive, charming as ever, but bursting at the seams.

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Catching Up

I had a great time at Moonridge Zoo. We visited the animals, got an autograph from my favorite TV star, and supported a great cause. Here are Marty and I keeping cool under our sun hats.


But what else have I been doing since then. Well, mostly working it seems and what little free time I have has been diverted recently to my other favorite hobby, art. I have been studying a digital art tutorial CD I bought a few months ago and practicing Photoshop digital painting techniques. I bought the tutorial online at It’s a series of quicktime movies that take you through the creation of the picture on the cover of the CD. Though its kind of hard to follow at times, I have gotten a lot of valuable tips and techniques out of it. It also assumes you have a good working knowledge of Photoshop.


Here is my attempt so far at applying the techniques to my own art work. I started with this sketch.


Then I started picking out sections to fill with a flat color. The colors in the hair are really just place holders, that is why the colors are so bright. I forgot to take a snapshot when I finished all the flat coloring. This shot shows when I started rendering the features of his face.


The rendering of his face continues with some experiments that change the tint of the skin color. I also change the hue of the hair and darken it to give me a better feel for what the color of the skin should be.


With more detail on the face it starts to look better but there is still a lot of work to do. That’s where I am right now. It’s slow going but I’m having fun.


Moonridge Clothes 2

I finished hemming the bermuda shorts today. My work schedule of late has me working in the evenings so I have only a few hours in the morning to sew and tend to all the other daily stuff of life. I cut it pretty close finishing the alterations on my Moonridge outfit since our trip is tomorrow.

Here is a fuzzy picture of me modeling it. The blouse is still a big snug but it is wearable. I like this blouse so much that I’ll just take it as more motivation to keep losing the weight until it fits perfectly.
Hmmm….Now I just have to figure out why the camera focused on the mirror and not on my image

Moonridge Clothes

We’re getting ready to go on our yearly trip to Big Bear Lake next Saturday. In preparation I did some shopping at my favorite store, Ross, to look for a few summery items to wear. I found a few things but as usual for me, they need a few adjustments. So now I get to do a few (hopefully quick) alterations to complete my trip wardrobe.

We are going to Moonridge Animal Park in Big Bear so the attire is definitely casual, shorts, cool blouse and sun hat will do. But in the evening we will probably head to a nice restaurant and I wanted something, still cool and casual but a little nicer.

I found the perfect thing at Ross, a pair of long black shorts in a dressy fabric. I guess they could be called bermudas.
Unfortunately with my short legs the shorts look like they were going for capri length and didn’t quite make it. I have to take about two inches off the length to get it above my knee.
Also needing a few tweaks is this cool shell. I loved this blouse the moment I saw it, unfortunately I only found one in size medium. Some mediums fit me, this one was right on the edge. I decided to buy it thinking that hopefully it might fit me soon. I’ve been losing weight ever so slowly, so I have hopes for a lot of slightly small items in my closet, what’s one more.

When I got it home I noticed that by letting out a small bit in the back darts and lowering the points of the front darts I could probably get it to fit well enough for use at Moonridge. I set right to it.